Coco Coir Pallet Discs

Coco Discs are pressed discs made from carefully selected coco peat. They are constructed of coarse coco material derived from the coconut husk and have been carefully chosen to assist seedlings in developing a robust root system. These discs are designed to keep weeds out of plant pots and landscaping plants and can help save water by lowering evaporation from the soil media due to their high water absorption capacity.

Main applications of coco coir discs and pellets include : 

  • Seed starting: Coco coir discs and pellets are commonly used as seed-starting mediums. They provide a sterile, weed-free environment for seedlings to germinate and develop a strong root system.
  • Hydroponics: Coco coir discs and pellets are used in hydroponic systems as a soilless growing medium. They provide an ideal balance of air and water for plant roots to grow and absorb nutrients.
  • Container gardening: Coco coir discs and pellets are also used as a growing medium for container plants. They provide excellent water retention and aeration, helping plants to grow healthy and strong.
  • Soil amendment: Coco coir discs and pellets can be used as a soil amendment to improve soil structure and water retention. They are often mixed with garden soil or potting mixes to improve drainage and aeration.
  • Mulching: Coco coir discs and pellets can be used as a natural mulch to suppress weed growth and retain moisture in the soil.
  • Animal bedding: Coco coir discs and pellets can also be used as animal bedding for small animals such as rabbits, guinea pigs, and chickens.