Coco Grow Pole Sticks

Coco Pole also known as Coir Moss Stick is widely used for Climbing Indoor/outdoor Plants. Coco Poles are made from coir fiber wrapped on plastic tubes and covered with net to support indoor and outdoor plants. Fiber retains moisture for the growth of the plant and provide water and organic nutrients to the creeper plants. These poles help the plant to develop many tiny roots throughout surface as these poles are permeable.

These coco fiber poles are extendable using another coco fiber pole. Coco poles come from 1 feet to 5 feet height.

Usage: Used for indoor/outdoor climbing plants such as Golden Pothos (Money Plant), Philodendrons, Syngoniums, and Monsteras, etc.

Coconut rods are used in floral planting to support plants and provide water to the roots of climbing plants. It can be used in any clay or plastic pots and widely used by plant nurseries, horticultural farms & Gardening professionals.