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Coco coir 5kg Husk Chips

Coconut Husk is the outer cover layer of fully grown coconut fruit, Husk chips are pre-cut slices and coco cubes from the coconut husk, where we found cut fibers and peat materials. Main raw material of Husk block is coconut Husk. Coco husk chips are produced by cutting good quality coconut husks into small cubic shaped pieces. Husks added with coco peat to increase the air to the rooting medium and water holding capacity can be increased. Husk chips are made only from coconut husk, so it is natural and organic, chemical free. Growers are using Husk chips blocks in their farm to retain the moisture content and to release the essential soil nutrients in their plants. Healthy growth of the plants can be achieved easily. Water drainage property, Nutrient holding capacity can be achieved. Our products are fully natural. Coconut husk has got the capacity to absorb the nutrition and give them to the plant stably. Coconut husk decompose very quickly and give good soil enrichment to the plants.

Coconut husk are mainly used as plant growing media/potting medium for flowers such roses, orchids and antrium growing. There are various grades of coconut husks are available. Coconut husk has the capacity to keep moisture inside which help to grow plant healthier. Coconut husk also support better growing medium for plants.


Coco coir 5kg Husk Chips Specifications:

Size (30x30x11)cm in (11.8x11.8x4.3)
Weight5 Kg (11 Lbs)
Compression ratio5:1
pH 5.5-6.8
Expansion volume65 Liters
Electrical Conductivity- LEC
(millimhos/ cm)
Electrical Conductivity- HEC
(millimhos/ cm)

Product Certificates:

    • Fumigation Certificate
    • Phytosanitary certificate
    • Certificate of origin

Coco Husk Advantages:

    • Enhance Potting Mixture porosity.
    • Increased Water holding Capacity.
    • Promotes strong root growth.
    • High good water retention property to soil, great absorption.
    • Uniform in Composition, odorless.
    • Potting medium and substratum for plants.
    • Good drainage / Good aeration.
    • Superior Nutrient Absorption.
    • Enhances soil wetting.
    • Trichoderma – growth of good bacteria and fungi.
    • Affordable and High Quality.
    • 100% Organic and a renewable resource.

List of Applications of Coconut Husk 5kg Block:

    • It is useful to make mixtures of Potting suppliers.
    • Green Houses as growing medium.
    • Hydroponics.
    • Animals Worm Bedding.
    • Nursery seedling and Gardens.
    • Horticulture and Floriculture.
    • Lawn and Golf course constructors


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