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High EC-Cocopeat 5kg Block

Coco peat, also known as Coir pith, Fiber Pith, Fiber peat, Coir waste or Coir dust is made during the process of fiber extraction from fibers of Coconut Husk in the Coir Industry, which are the main byproducts of this process. Graded good quality coco fiber is separated and used as raw material for various coco product productions. The coco peat waste like a saw dust is separated and washed, dried (natural sunlight or drier machine), screened and graded to get the good quality coco peat dust as a raw material. The coco peat blocks are mainly produced for commercial purpose. This soft, spongy, soilless multipurpose growing peat medium is then added to soil or simply used as excellent growing medium in green house cultivation, horticultural, floriculture, nurseries, agricultural and Industrial applications, wherein peat increases moisture, aeration in plant rooting. Peat also used as peat moss, perlite and Vermiculite. Coco peat aids for strong root growth. Industrial absorbent also an added main application of coco peat.
The processed coco peat is then compressed into 5kg peat block for commercial purpose using coco peat block making machine by hydraulic pressure. As per customer requirements we make our products. There are twomain types of coco peat blocks are available, which are mainly based on the Electrical Conductivity (EC) value of the coco peat.


What is High EC Coco Peat?

Coco Peat with High EC : EC > 0.8mS/cm
High Ec coco peat is mainly used in animal farms as bedding. Coco peat in animal farms are the best bedding medium, as it has high moisture absorbing quality & soft bed cushion effects. These bedding processes are easy to lay & easy to remove & is free of fine dust particles. Our Materials are screened and premium, materials without any impurities and additives.

Coco Peat 5 kg Block Specifications:

EC High EC / EC > 0.8mS/cm
Fiber Content<2%
Block Dimension(30x30x11)cm in (11.8x11.8x4.3) inches
Weight5 Kg (11 Lbs)
Compression Ratio5:1

Coco Peat 5 kg Block Loadability:

PackingHydraulically Compressed Block,
Palletized: Blocks assembled in pallet and stretch
Non-palletized: Blocks assembled loose(Floor
Loading) within the container
240 Blocks/Pallet, 20 Pallets/40 ft. HQ Container (24 MT)
5200 Blocks/40 ft. HQ Container (26 MT)

Product Certificates:

    • Fumigation Certificate
    • Phytosanitary certificate
    • Certificate of origin

Coir Peat Advantages:

      • Enhance Potting Mixture porosity.
      • Increased Water holding Capacity.
      • Promotes strong root growth.
      • High good water retention property to soil, great absorption.
      • Uniform in Composition, odorless.
      • Potting medium and substratum for plants.
      • Good drainage / Good aeration.
      • Superior Nutrient Absorption.
      • Enhances soil wetting.
      • Trichoderma – growth of good bacteria and fungi.
      • Affordable and High Quality.
      • 100% Organic and a renewable resource.

List of Applications of Coco Peat:

      • It is useful to make mixtures of Potting suppliers.
      • Green Houses as growing medium.
      • Hydroponics.
      • Animals Worm Bedding.
      • Nursery seedling and Gardens.
      • Horticulture and Floriculture.
      • Lawn and Golf course constructors
      • Home Gardening or Kitchen Gardening or Terrace Gardening.


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