Coco Fiber Bale of 120kg

A 120kg coconut coir fiber bale is a large bundle of natural fiber material that is commonly used in gardening, agriculture, and various industrial applications. Coconut coir is a sustainable and renewable resource that is derived from the fibrous husk of coconut shells, making it an eco-friendly and cost-effective alternative to other types of growing media or fiber materials.

      • Bale Size : 48″ x 24″ x 24″ inch’s
      • Weight (Bale) : 120 to 130 Kg
      • Fiber Length : 7 – 10cm 20%,  10-22cm 80%
      • Moisture Upto : 15%
      • Colour : Brown /white
      • Impurities Upto : < 5%
  • Load ability 200Bales / 24 MT in one 40’ HC container
  • Type of loading: Free Loading


Coco Fiber Bale of 120kg FAQ

Are coco coir and coco fibre the same?

Coco coir is actually a byproduct of the coconut fiber industry. Between the outer husk and the actual coconut is a layer of fibrous threads. While the outer husk and coconut may be used for textiles and other coconut products, the coco coir is usually set aside.

What are the two types of coconut fiber?

There are two types of coir: the more commonly used brown fibre, which is obtained from mature coconuts, and finer white fibre, which is extracted from immature green coconuts after soaking for up to 10 months.

What are the disadvantages of coco coir?

Absorption and over-watering Coco coir

Coco substrates are not particularly porous so can be difficult for a solution to break the substrates surface tension from hand watering. As a result many growers soak their coco with far too much solution with the anticipation of it being slowly saturated into the substrates.