Long Type Grow Bag

KOPEAT EXPORTS hydroponic grow bags are a specialized growing medium designed with Moisture Manage Technology. This technology ensures that the substrate has a uniform moisture content from top to bottom, which enables the establishment of more fine roots, reduces run-off, and ultimately leads to higher crop yields and better crop quality across large areas. Growers often report that crops grown using these bags are visually uniform and healthy, allowing them to focus on other areas of farm management.

Our hydroponic grow bags come in a variety of air and water combinations that are tailored to the specific needs of growers. These combinations allow growers to easily control water content on a daily or seasonal basis, providing them with the flexibility they need to optimize plant growth and performance.

KOPEAT EXPORTS hydroponic grow bags are an ideal solution for hydroponic and soilless growing systems. Our product is a cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional growing media, and our bags are designed for easy handling and transportation. With our Moisture Manage Technology and tailored air and water combinations, our hydroponic grow bags are a reliable and effective solution for growers looking to maximize their crop yields and quality.

Compressed Size (CM)


Expanded Size (CM)


Volume in Liters Grow Bags Per Pallet Unit Weight
100 x 14.5 x 3 100 x 15 x 15 22.5 504 2kg
100 x 17.5 x 4 100 x 18 x 18 32.4 450 2.5kg
100 x 19.5 x 5 100 x 20 x 20 40 400 3kg
100x15x3 100x15x10 14.36 795 1.3kg
100x18x4 100x18x16,5 28.30 395 2.7kg
100x20x4 100x20x13,5 26.06 430 2.6kg
100x22x3 100x22x10 21.78 530 2kg
120x15x3 120x15x10 17.4 665 1.7kg
90x15x4 90x15x12 15.66 735 1.5kg
96x15x3 96x15x9 12.53 985 1.29kg
72x20x4 72x20x12 16.61 710 1.7kg
60x15x3 60x15x10 8.70 1325 1kg
50x20x4 50x20x11 10.73 1060 1.1kg

Other Grow Bag Sizes:

We can do 40 to 50 different sizes of Grow Bags according to the customer requirements

We have five type of Varients –

  • Natural = 100% Coir Pith
  • Mix =70% Coir Pith + 30% Coir Chips
  • Pro = 50% Coir Pith + 50% Coir Chips
  • Premium = 30% Coir Pith + 70% Coir Chips
  • Supreme = 100% Coir Chips

These Variants are available in

  • Washed
  • unwashed
  • buffered growbags.

Packing Details:

  • Packing details are as per customer requirements.
  • All types of packing are available.
  • The product is made of 100% coco pith or coco husk, or a mix of both, dependingon customer requirements.
  • Mesh bags are available with a GSM range of 50 to 100, in white, black, and brown colors.
  • Plastic bags are available with 2 years of UV protection, without printing, with single-color printing or multi-color printing options, as per customer requirements.
  • Full pallet or half pallet options are available for loading.
  • Plant holes and drainage holes are also available as per customer requirements, for added convenience.


Long Type Grow Bag FAQ

What is the maximum size of grow bags?

The rectangular grow bags come in the maximum size of 36x24x12 inches, sufficient to grow two large plants (flowering or vegetable plants) and one big fruit plant.

How long is a grow bag?

About growing bags

Despite only measuring 35cm x 95cm (13in x 37in), growing bags have enough space for three vegetable plants that will provide you with enough food for several meals over the summer.

What are the different types of grow bags?

Best bags for growing plants at home in India
  • BIO BLOOMS Grow Bag
  • YUVAGREEN Polyethylene Grow Bag
  • Cocogarden Plastic Grow Bag
  • TrustBasket Poly Grow Bags
  • SLA Polyethylene Grow Bag