Coco Pot in South Africa

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Is Coco good for soil?

Coco coir in your soil

Mixing coco coir into existing garden soil can be a boon for plants. Bringing a versatile combination of water retention and natural drainage, the coir will loosen the texture of clay soil, reducing waterlogging. It will do the opposite for sandy soil: allowing it to better hold water.

What is the ratio of coco to soil?

Mix equal parts coir and soil. Add fertilizer or compost and mix well. Here is a recipe for a make-at-home potting mix. Simply replace the peat in this recipe with coconut coir for a more environmentally-friendly blend.

Is cocopeat good for all plants?

you can use cocopeat for all kinds of outdoor plants and indoor plants. this way especially in the summers. you will not have to worry about watering your plants. often coco peat provides the ideal conditions for your plants to grow since it has antifungal properties

Do I need to wash coco coir?


Being highly absorbent means coir can be prone to retaining high levels of salt. Excess salt can be fatal in a hydroponic system – a thorough rinse with fresh water prior to planting will help prevent this

Is Coco better than peat?

It could depend on your circumstances, for example if you have a soil that is alkaline then you may prefer peat moss as plants would benefit from its more acidic pH. Whereas, location could also come into play, if you live somewhere dry then you may favor coco coir as it holds more moisture than peat moss.

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