Coco Soil in Australia

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Coco soil offers numerous benefits for plant cultivation in Australia. Its exceptional water retention properties make it an ideal choice for water-sensitive plants and arid climates. Coco Soil in Australia retains water efficiently while providing excellent drainage and aeration for plant roots, promoting healthy growth and root development. It is also a sustainable option, as it is derived from a renewable resource and reduces the dependence on traditional soil extraction. Our coco soil products come in different forms, including compressed blocks and loose-fill, providing versatility for a wide range of gardening needs.

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What is the ratio of coco to soil?

Mix equal parts coir and soil. Add fertilizer or compost and mix well. Here is a recipe for a make-at-home potting mix. Simply replace the peat in this recipe with coconut coir for a more environmentally friendly blend.

What nutrients are in coco soil?

Coco coir nutrients are comprised of Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium (NPK), along with a variety of micro nutrients included in trace amounts. Coco coir nutrients are applied during watering by adding the nutrient solution to the water.

Is coco soil organic?

Coco coir is a natural waste product of the coconut growing industry and is perhaps the most versatile of all organic growing mediums. As an environmentally friendly alternative to peat moss, coco peat has a natural resistance to diseases and provides excellent water retention as well as aeration to plants.

Is coir good for soil?

Coco coir in your soil

Mixing coco coir into existing garden soil can be a boon for plants. Bringing a versatile combination of water retention and natural drainage, the coir will loosen the texture of clay soil, reducing waterlogging. It will do the opposite for sandy soil: allowing it to better hold water

What is organic coco?

Organic coco coir, sometimes called coco coir or simply coir, is a material made from coconut husks. In the past, we threw the husks away after collecting the coconut’s juice and flesh. However, we’ve started realizing coconut husk is no waste product.