Coir Mulch Mat

Mulch mat is a type of hairy mulching disc made from coconut coir fibre and natural latex. It is designed to suppress weeds, slow down slugs and snails, and reduce water loss from the soil surface. Mulch mat helps to protect the area around plant roots from the growth of harmful weeds and shields the roots from direct sunlight, thus preventing them from drying out. It is an effective and eco-friendly way to maintain a healthy garden and promote the growth of plants.

The various sizes of coir mulch mats:

    • Coir Mulch Mat 6inch
    • Coir Mulch Mat 8inch
    • Coir Mulch Mat 10inch
    • Coir Mulch Mat 12inch
    • Coir Mulch Mat 14inch

These mulch mats are designed to suppress weed growth, reduce water loss from the soil surface, and protect plant roots from direct sunlight. They are made of coconut coir fibre and natural latex, which make them biodegradable and eco-friendly.


Coir Mulch Mat FAQ

What is a coir mulch mat?

Coir Mulch Mats are the non-woven fabric of coir fibre. Usually supplied in rolls, sheets, or cut in disc shape for easy spreading around the plants in pots, we manufacture 800 GSM, one-side latex or without latex mulch mats. Mulch mat rolls can be cut to the desired length for spreading around the plants and trees.

What is the use of a mulch mat?

Mulch Mats are completely biodegradable and ideal for use around plants, shrubs, and creepers on the ground as well as in pots. Mulch Mats help to prevent the growth of weeds, which deprive plants of nutrients and moisture. They protect plant roots from extremes of temperature whilst retaining moisture in the soil.

Can coir be used as mulch?

Using coir mulch, most gardeners like to mulch their garden beds with coir two to three inches thick, starting when the soil warms up in spring. You can also add it to your potting mix at a rate of three parts coir mulch and one part soil.