Curled Coir Rope

Machine twisted rope also known as FMT (Fibre Machine Twisted) rope, is made by mechanically spinning the longest strands of coir fiber to create a strong and resilient product. The twisting process gives the rope its springiness, which is an important characteristic that is carried through to the end product. This rope is commonly used in a variety of applications, including agriculture, horticulture, and construction, where its strength and durability make it a reliable choice for tying, binding, and securing materials. Overall, FMT rope is a versatile and reliable option for those looking for a strong and resilient rope that can withstand tough conditions.


  • Weight per role – 30 kgs ± 10%
  • TPI – 1.5 twists
  • Moisture content – 15%
  • Rope diameter 20mm


Curled Coir Rope FAQ

What is curled coir?

Curled Coir Rope is made out of matured brown coir fibre. The curls in the coir are easily uncurable, which provides natural bouncing action for the mattress, cushions etc.

What are the different types of coconut coir rope?

There are two types of coir: the more commonly used brown fibre, which is obtained from mature coconuts, and finer white fibre, which is extracted from immature green coconuts after soaking for up to 10 months.

What is curled or machine-twisted coir fibre?

Machine Twisted Coir Fibre or Curled Coir also known as Fehrer Machine Twisted (FMT) Coir Fibre is made from 100% natural fibre extracted from the coconut husk. The coir fibre is cleaned and twisted into ropes and is then wound into coils.