Pith Coconut in Australia

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If you are in need of high-quality Pith Coconut in Australia Kopeat Exports is the company you can rely on. As a leading exporter of horticultural products, we are committed to providing top-notch and sustainable solutions to our customers. With our dedication to excellence and eco-friendly practices, we have established ourselves as a trusted name in the industry.

Quality is our top priority at Kopeat Exports. We take great pride in delivering coconut pith of the highest standard to our customers. Our Pith Coconut in Australia undergoes rigorous quality control measures throughout the production process to ensure purity, consistency, and effectiveness. We work closely with our trusted network of suppliers to source coconut pith from reliable and sustainable coconut plantations. By ensuring the quality and reliability of our coconut pith, we provide growers and gardeners with the confidence and peace of mind they need to achieve successful cultivation.



What are coco poles used for?

Coco pole; is a supporting pole for potted plant creepers to grow in-door as well as out-door gardens. The high moisture retention capacity of the stick enables the roots of the plant to grip natural organic mattress of coir fiber.

What is Coco pole length?

Coir Moss Stick – Coco Pole 4 Feet(120 CM) – 6 Pieces – Coir Moss Stick for Climbing Plants, Indoor & Outdoor Plants, Housing Plants Support Stick.

Is Coco fiber waterproof?

The material is relatively waterproof, and the one of the few natural materials resistant to seawater.


What is a coco stick?

Our Coco Stik moss sticks provide plant support for a variety of indoor and outdoor plants. Attractive in its natural look by using 100% natural coconut coir. Made from organic natural fibre mean creepers can easily attach themselves to the coir plant support and achieve sturdy vertical growth.

Do plants grow faster in coco coir?

It isn’t compact, unlike soil, so your plants’ roots have free reign to grow, and tend to grow a lot faster when in coco coir; nutrient absorption is also sped up. This makes for bigger plants in the same pot, so if you don’t have much space you can place more, smaller pots.